Epcot Scooter Rental Orlando

Epcot is a theme park owned and operated by Disney that is located in Bay Lake, Florida near Orlando. It originally opened on October 1st, 1982 and stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. The idea behind that name is that it was to be a Utopian city of new ideas and technology for the community. What makes this park so enjoyable is that it is basically two parks put into one. 

This is truly an exciting experience filled with fun and educational displays of both different culture and technology. Unfortunately, just like Disney World's Magic Kingdom, there is a lot of walking involved in exploring everything this amusement park has to offer. From the Universe of Energy, to the World Showcase Entertainment, all the way down to the Spaceship Earth, these attractions take guests through developments and possibilities of what the future can hold. The possibilities are endless but unfortunately, our walking distance is not.

That's where we come in. One Stop Mobility can be your premiere go to source for mobility equipment that has been tested to last you all day at the park and make your experience one to never forget. Whether you are looking to rent a handicap scooter in the Orlando area due to a medical concern, or you just have mobility issues, we are delighted to offer our services. Our products are not just limited to motorized ECVs either. We offer all selections including wheelchairs, powerchairs, and more. Reserve a scooter today and remember your experience with Disney for a lifetime.