Legoland Scooter Rental Orlando

Address: 1 Legoland Way, Winter Haven, FL 33884

If you're looking for fun and excitement, Legoland is the place to go! The Legoland in Orlando, Fl is the biggest Legoland in the entire world. The destination is 150 acres wide and full of every lego design you can possibly think of. It's mostly suited for children ages 2-12 but still has a wide variety of rides, attractions, shows, events, restaurants, and entertainment events for the whole family. You'll even notice as you explore the land that there are a number of life size lego built attractions located throughout the park.

Winter Haven, Fl scooter rental
In addition, a must see area of the park is Miniland, where real life cities are recreated through intricate lego work. Since there are a number of rides that are age restricted and limited only to the children, this is a great spot that the whole family can enjoy and explore together.

There are also some things to keep in mind though, like the fact that Legoland is located about 45 minutes away from Disney World so if you're looking to visit different theme parks in Orlando, our scooter rentals would be the most accommodating for you as opposed to renting one from the park itself. The theme parks don't allow their guests to take their scooter rentals outside the park and to another location nearby. 

So let's say for example, you wanted to rent a scooter for Disney World one day and then Legoland for another day. You would have to pay for two separate scooter rentals; one for Disney World, and one for Legoland. With us though, we deliver to your hotel and then you can use the various shuttle services or you own vehicle to take the scooter to any park you'd like so it's much more cost effective as well as time saving for you. We've set up our rental fees to be much more attractive than renting one with the park, so call to reserve one today.