Universal's Island Of Adventure Scooter Rental

Address: 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

The Islands of Adventure is an extension of Universal Studios theme park. As of now, there are eight theme islands connected to the main park of Universal.
Universal Island's of Adventure
The Port Entry is the park's main entrance and has a gift shop located under the beacon of light that can guide visitors to and from the main entrance. Each night, the port sends out a real beacon of light to help its guests find their way back to the gates' main entrance. Between the light and our mobility devices, you'll be set up for a pleasant return to and from the park.

Also, the Marvel Superhero Island is frequented by many visitors and is based off of Marvel's most well known superheroes like Spiderman and the Hulk. Many of the buildings are created with a comic book vibe that is sure to get any superhero fan excited and wanting to take lots of pictures. For example, you can stop by the Captain America Diner and order a superhero milkshake or head down to the Cafe 4 and have a fantastic four themed meal. Many of the rides are based off your favorite Marvel characters like the Incredible Hulk, the Amazing Spiderman, the X-men, and more of course. It would definitely be a good idea to rent one of our mobility devices if you plan on exploring all the rides and attractions in this area of the park.

Then there is Skull Island which is the most recently opened park at the Island. This area is based off the famous King Kong movie that will let you explore the mythology which made this character famous and iconic. Of course once you see King Kong you'll next want to visit Jurassic Park which has attractions and rides based off the dinosaur themed movie.

Of course, the most popular section is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The 20 acre island features many classic shops and restaurants that will remind you of the ever popular phenomenon created by J.K. Rowling such as the infamous Hogwarts Castle, The Forbidden Forest, the Dragon Challenge, and so much more. Be warned though, this area of the park is known to be quite popular so be prepared for a lot of walking with your party. Our scooter and wheelchair rentals are equipped for large crowded areas such as these and are made to handle the travel capacity needed throughout all of these areas.